Groupe Domo Sécurité implements tailor-made solutions for your needs by combining technologies.

Access control

Our card or biometric access control systems are THE ideal solution for adequate and efficient management of staff comings and goings in your company in real time anywhere in the world.


Some people do not need access to strategic areas of your business. Whether through a card reader or a biometric reader, access can be granted according to different levels of authorization for both your employees and visitors. It is possible to control a single door or several doors, both interior and exterior, in various sectors and/or buildings.


Access to elevators and to different floors must be controlled at certain times of the day and night. Our systems allow you to secure this access at all times.


Is key management giving you a problem? We have a solution for you.


Do you want to manage your parking lot on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Nothing could be simpler with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Camera systems

With one of our camera systems you will be able to see in real time all the events in each of the key sectors of your business. You will be able to remotely view the images on your PC or on your mobile device.


All our surveillance camera systems are accessible remotely. They even allow you to control cameras that are mobile.


Consulting the archives precisely, either by date or time, is essential following events. Several types of technologies are available on the market, and we are able to offer you the one that best suits your situation.


With our technology, it is possible for us to monitor the health and operation of your video system by automatically checking the “health” every hour of every day by detecting and reporting faults as they occur.


Our monitoring center can view your cameras live or on alarm and take the necessary measures in the event of a violation.


A camera system combined with an access control or intrusion system will offer you total security. This is the best way to secure and manage your facilities in addition to being a deterrent against theft and/or vandalism of all kinds.

Intrusion / fire / emergency alarm

Today’s technologies allow the installation of intrusion alarm systems with wired or wireless equipment. Whether you choose one method or the other, the system will be just as secure.


We have perimeter detection systems for fences and motion detectors for outdoors.


You have a system, we can connect it to our monitoring center at no cost for reprogramming (some restrictions apply).

Monitoring center

In collaboration with “Surveillance Lanvac”, we are able to offer you surveillance with redundant systems that meet the highest standards.


Our Monitoring Center is ULC approved and is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The reception of alarm signals is done either by telephone line, by cellular or by Internet. We can also offer you video surveillance or guard tour.


From the simplest one-station intercom system to a multiplexed system with video, we can meet all your needs. We have state-of-the-art equipment for systems with “telephone handset” as well as for high-power “hands-free” systems.

Water, gas and medical emergency detection

Several types of detectors are specifically designed for the detection of hazardous gases, such as natural gas, propane and/or methane. These detectors are essential for both your personal protection and that of your facilities.


Connected to an electric valve, the water presence detector will automatically close the water inlet during an alarm. This makes it possible to react quickly in order to prevent or limit significant damage and all the inconveniences that follow.