Residential, Industrial and Commercial

Security Systems

Groupe Domo Sécurité, the solution to safeguard your assets.

Our Services

Groupe Domo Sécurité offers more than 35 years of experience in the field of security and electronic surveillance.


Our personalized service creates professional and reliable solutions that will evolve with your current and future needs.

Access control

Our card or biometric access control systems are THE ideal solution for adequate and efficient management of staff comings and goings in your company in real time anywhere in the world.

Camera systems

With one of our camera systems you will be able to see in real time all the events in each of the key sectors of your business. You will be able to remotely view the images on your PC or on your mobile device.

Intrusion and perimeter alarm

Our wired or wireless intrusion alarm systems, incorporating the technologies of today and tomorrow, can guarantee the best protection for your premises, both indoors and for the perimeter of your property.

Monitoring Center

Our Monitoring Center is ULC approved and is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Offering a multitude of services for intrusion alarms, fire system monitoring, elevator emergency calls and live viewing of surveillance cameras.


From the simplest one-station intercom system to a multiplexed system with video, we can meet all your needs.

Water, gas and medical emergency detection

These detectors are essential for both your personal protection and that of your property. Presence detection / water leak, detection of various gases or for a medical emergency, we have what it takes.

Some of our clients

Groupe Domo Sécurité has always emphasized personalized service for a long-term business relationship with its customers. We are proud to serve these customers for several years and we thank them.